Siberian Husky Puppies of Texas
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About the Trainer

We love husky puppies and do our best evey day to be the best place to look for siberian husky puppies in Texas and around. After on visit with us you will see we are the top best siberian husky breeder around that will give you puppy the love it deserves. Below here are lots of pictures for you to enjoy and look at! We only breed the highest quality of Akc Siberian huskies and spend hours every single day making sure our new puppies are raised with the love and care that every dog deserves. When a puppy is properly socialized and given the love it needs it created a bond in every puppies heart that will last a lifetime. It is this patience, love, and compassion that set us above any other breeder in the country or around the world. We regularly have people fly in from all over to get a puppy from us because they see the benefits of having a puppy that has been loved and handled since the day it was born.

We only have 5 beautiful siberian huskies here, Yoshi, Happy, Jixter, Love, and Ninja. My customers always become raving fans and recommend us when ever someone is looking for a husky puppy for sale. Siberian husky owners are very loyal. If your looking for a husky puppy or know anyone that is, you have come to the right place. Some of the pictures below are of them and some are of the puppies for people to pick out. We only have 4 litters a year so we recommend calling to see availability or so you can be put on a waiting list for the next babies. Many times if you call me you can tell me exactly what color your looking for, what color eyes you want, and if you want a boy or a girl and I can make sure you get exactly what your looking for! Nobody wants a dog from a puppy mill and definitely does not want to support anyone that would raise their life long pet under these conditions. We take the time to make sure every husky puppy from us at Texas husky puppies is taken care of. If doesn't matter if your looking for a husky puppy for sale, just love husky puppies, or are looking for a friend. You can feel great that you are dealing with someone that truly loves Siberian Huskies and husky puppies and we only do this so that people can find a place that raises husky puppies with love.

Enjoy the pictures and call me today to set up a visit! Tim 817-500-3020

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